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Flowers & Company Langley BC, is a florist that provides beautiful local flower arrangements and bouquets for all types of occasions including weddings!

6359 - 198 St
Langley, BC, V2Y 1A7


We are the official Flowers & Company in Langley BC. We sell flowers for any and every occasion. We are passionate about flowers and we want to share this passion with you. 


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Global Warning....? or Warming ?

allan colyn


With the record low rainfall this year....There are literally no mosquitos  in the air.

Therefor, scarce food supplies for these little fellas.

As such, in a most unusual occurrence,  these little swallows, who are arely seen on the ground,  perilously land and resort to eating a few small ants in the front yard for food. 

On the flower farm we can really notice the difference in the hot dry season this year. 

Like the swallows we too make adjustments. Such as drip irrigation and new, other flower varieties.